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White-Label Solution


All-inclusive and sophisticated Telemedicine Solution to Manage and Monitor Patients Health with CMS Remote Patient Monitoring, Utilizing Telemedicine Parity Laws in the meantime.

Manage consultations and follow-up visits with your patients by remote video sessions. The patient app feature helps record patient vitals and gather data that may be helpful while evaluating their ongoing health status. 

Multi-Channel Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

We are rethinking the way clinicians connect with patients. Booking is available via the app for in-person, online video, or phone appointments. Appointment reminders & management to the patient to guarantee they never miss one!

> Schedule an appointment online
> Onboarding using a mobile app
> Appointment management via text

Remote Patient Monitoring

Capability to monitor and manage patients under CMS Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Track and review patient-reported health data.

Custom Branded Virtual Clinic App

We are committed to provide a practice and patient-centric solution to your business. With our software that is fully customized, you can deliver exceptional service.

Connected Devices

Allow the patient to interact with your custom-branded app using their own connected app or device, Withings Google Fit, Apple Health.


We support a variety of vital parameters, including BP, heart rate, Blood Oxygen level, Weight, Blood Glucose, and Body Temperature. You can also get Smart Bluetooth Medical devices from us if you want automatic measurements from 3rd party devices.

Patient and Clinician Mobile App

We adhere to the “Mobile first” principle and have made the platform accessible to both Clinicians and Patients, enabling faster access to treatment and intervention.

Interaction Time

A Clinician can start a video chat if the patient is using our patient mobile app; As soon as the chat is finished the patient gets charged. 

If the patient doesn’t have a patient mobile app or has trouble accessing the platform, then a clinician can make a call outside of the app, for example via phone call. Our App also tracks this interaction and the charge comes as soon as the patient and the clinician hang up.

Patient Satisfaction

Our main focus is on providing care and patient engagement through a platform that is patient-centric. We want to empower you with the tools that can help your patients live better lives.

Star IT

About Us

Over the last two decades, we’ve become a global IT agency that develops its products and covers a range of professional software development, system integration, and web development services. We’ve worked with industry-leading companies in several fields in the USA and Canada. Our talented engineers and UX/UI designers from our 3 locations, Georgia, Portugal, and Los Angeles, USA, are shaping the daily life of everyday Americans and Canadians.

Our Mission Our Vision Our Value

Our Mission is to create useful products by fostering the workplace with fun and curiosity. 

We will be the most valued business partner for our customers.

Out team values are Togetherness, Curiosity, Perseverance and Putting The Customer First. We are proud to say that our unique, tailored software solutions have brought great success to our customers. And we accomplish that by never giving in, helping and supporting one another and by never losing the curious touch we have embodied throughout 11 years.

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