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Our Benefits

Health Insurance

We partner with several health insurance provider companies in Georgia. So you can choose the one that works best for you.

Extra Days Off

We offer extra days off a year. 👉 No questions asked! 👉 Excluding the sick days!

Flexible Hours

We believe the most productive hours of the day are individual. We try to respect that as much as possible for your happiness and the quality of your work.

Personal And Career Growth

We support your desire never to stop learning. We subsidize all the courses that help you sharpen your professional skills.

Cool Projects

We work on diverse projects, from implementing CRM campaigns to creating e-commerce platforms for our clients. If you want hands-on experience working with different functions of the company, you'll fit right in.

Favorable Conditions Of Work

Our mission is to make everyone feel comfortable in the workplace. We supply everything from technical equipment to fresh daily seasonal fruits and veggies.

Celebrations And Gifting

We always find time to celebrate each other. We like to keep the environment light and fun with gifts on birthdays, corporate outings, and special events.

Level Up Your English

Group training by an experienced native speaker teacher.

Relaxed, Collaborative And Fun Atmosphere

We have built a friendly, welcoming, and pleasant workplace. No doors are closed; it’s in our blood to co-op. We’re always ready to help each other on any occasion!

Your Rest Is As Important As Your Work

We believe the quality time spent outside the workplace brings out the best in our coworkers. Therefore we respect the hours dedicated to rest as much as the hours devoted to work. We’ve spared office space for taking a break, clearing your head, and refreshing because we think work-life balance is necessary during work hours too. 

What Should You Expect

We’re always looking for talented go-getters. You will be greeted with respect and a smile throughout the interview process. Us being happy to meet you leaves no place for stress. 

The friendly environment we’ve already built makes the onboarding smooth and comfy.


We value your skill and help you thrive. Equal opportunity is what we believe in and what we strive for.

The work is challenging, but we find the vibe to keep it fun. 


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